the Phenomenal B… blog

the Phenomenal B… blog

Hi ladies!!  I am Brasai, owner of Phenomenal B…. Boutique.  the Phenomenal B… blog is created to enlighten, encourage, lift-up, praise, comfort and celebrate women and womanhood. the Phenomenal B… brand is a fashion based brand that encourages woman to be phenomenal in all that you do in your everyday lives.  Who says we can’t be phenomenal even in the trenches.  I say we can!  Some of us make it look easier than others but when we are putting in the necessary work to get to where we want to be in this life, we definitely have those days of going through the trenches.  God, my faith and determination carry me through even in the days when I think I can’t or have that second of an urge to give up.  I want to know what carries you through in those times of uncertainty.  

I aim to learn more about you while I continue to share more about myself and my life. There is room for us all in this Phenomenal world.  And on those days when you are not feeling your 100 percent phenomenal being, I hope that you will click into this blog and be encouraged, enlightened and lifted up.  So come on and discover, explore and flaunt your Phenomenal B… Your B… is for whatever you want or need it to be for any particular day. See you next time you Phenomenal B…’s

Always be Phenomenal ladies so you will never e forgotten.

Phenomenal Brasai B

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